Bringing AI to M&A and Investments

In an interview with Bloomberg, Inder Thukral talks about how Kognetics will ease the life of bankers working around the clock on mergers & acquisitions.
He emphasizes on how it will help bankers remove their daily repetitive and other grunt work, so that they can focus on a higher order of thinking about industry trends and understanding the clients better.

Dr. Inder Thukral

Co-founder and CEO, Kognetics

Kognetics Solutions

Investment Banks​

Source better deals and close more deals faster. Our solution brings disruptive change to business development, idea generation and client pursuits​​​​

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Surgical and proactive intelligence to drive your strategic moves. Our solution brings real time insights and decision analytics to your strategy and execution.​​

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Private Equity​

Create a proprietary deal sourcing engine with a differentiated proposition. Our solution significantly enhances proprietary deal sourcing and portfolio value creation.​​

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AI Platform for Mergers & Acquisitions Investments Strategy